In the life and works of Gaudí, taken as a whole, we can see a providential chain of events that allowed this great artist to use his exceptional gifts to produce works that are as exquisite as they are numerous and varied, in spite of the inability of many of his contemporaries to appreciate them.  The starting point of his productive career was his encounter with a refined and generous patron, Eusebi Güell, who showed himself to be a Maecenas worthy of our genius’s art.

Whereas in the other arts an artist can find expression for his creative spirit even if he does not possess the material means, in architecture the work must be built and the dream must be made palpable reality in order for the artist’s creation to exist.  Güell discovered Gaudí through a modest piece, a showcase that the Comella glove shop had sent to the Paris Exposition in 1878.  This expressive, delicate work in glass, wood and metal captivated his gentleman’s spirit to such a degree that he arranged to meet the young architect and introduced him to Barcelona’s high society, showing extraordinary confidence in him.

Gaudi’s works are exceptionally diverse, although his mechanical concepts and plasticity are the same throughout, bearing the immediately identifiable stamp of his artistic personality, a bled of traditional, original, baroque and technical aspects.  We have seen all of this for ourselves on our visits to his works, with Gaudí himself providing us that access.  It is truly satisfying to state that, without exception, he was pleased to show us all of them, both his work in Catalonia and that in Castile.

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